Wujiatang Neighborhood Center

Wujiatang Neighborhood Center


Kunming, China

The Neighborhood Center is a multigenerational, multipurpose ecological facility that demonstrates sound environmental design. Although centrally located in a development, its integration into a wetland garden seamlessly connects it to an adjacent natural wetland that serves the public as an educational, botanical park.

Residents within the neighborhood will use the Center for a broad range of activities that will unite the community while allowing individuals to enhance and improve their lifestyle. Health, fitness, and wellness spaces are integrated with educational and entertainment functions creating dynamic interactions and connectivity between functions. Visibility through different activity areas create an openness throughout that remind users of all that the center has to offer and connects unrelated activities in an interesting way.

Educational elements include a regional gallery that will connect residents to their community and surroundings by teaching of the history, culture, local art, and natural setting within which they reside, and a natural history classroom where residents gain a deeper understanding of the natural setting of their neighborhood by allowing direct interaction with the adjacent botanical wetland garden.

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