Eloy Community Center

Eloy Community Center


Eloy, Arizona

The new Eloy Community Center will provide a venue to foster community arts and culture and opportunities for education and entertainment. Spaces in the 16,000 sf. facility are designed to be flexible and are organized to efficiently serve the variety of users and the changing needs of the City. The building’s comfortable shaded outdoor microclimate will attract and engage users of all ages, whose activity – dining, social gathering, watching films, or relaxing after a fiesta, will give life to the Center.

The new Center connects to the existing historic Dust Bowl Theater. Built in the 1940’s, the theater is a symbol of a prosperous community that every Eloy native remembers with pride. Through renovation and refurbishment, this historic facility will once again provide a unique experience for community events.

Design is of its time and place, guided by the climate, light, views, context, and resource conservation. Materials are expressed honestly and in harmony with the historic Theater and the Sonoran Desert.  Resource conserving strategies include rainwater harvesting, natural ventilation, daylighting, and photovoltaics.

The new Center and restoration of the historic Dust Bowl Theater will be one of the first projects undertaken by the City and will set the standard for the revitalization of its Downtown, providing a vibrant landmark that will serve as a catalyst for future growth of Eloy.

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