Line and Space utilizes their office within the Sonoran Desert as a laboratory to test materials and develop ideas, often engaging in experiments with private industry and Government entities.

In a recent installation, pole-mounted photovoltaic panels track the sun and provide energy for The Annex, one of Line and Space's studio buildings.

For the Integrated Shade Seat, a bus stop project for the City of Tucson, Line and Space developed several prototypes to construct and test designs using Ductal, a high density and high tensile strength concrete.  This exploration was done with support from the LaFarge Corporation in Canada through the University of Manitoba Concrete Laboratory.

Working closely with the United States Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), Line and Space was able to experiment with using Nanogel beads furnished by Cabot Laboratories to insulate windows for possible use on the Red Rock Desert Learning Center, an environmental education campus near Las Vegas, Nevada. The firm worked further with NREL to develop a metal transpired solar wall used to heat public restrooms during winter at the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center.