Liangjiang Golf Club

Liangjiang Golf Club


Chongqing, China

Located at the edge of the largest city in southwest China, Chongqing, the new Liangjiang Golf Club is a departure from bustling city life. The site is at the center of a newly developing community which will include an 18-hole golf course, retail space, two hotels and several luxury residential units.

Known as the "Mountain City", Chongqing offers a wealth of natural resources, abundant flora and fauna, and stunning natural landscapes. An existing quarry on site drives the design concept and forms the basis for a unique entry sequence. As visitors approach the site, the building's sweeping wing-like roofs reveal themselves over dense bamboo. Drawing closer, the building becomes obscured by a large, curved, quarry-stone wall among thick stands of bamboo. Taking away the view creates a sense of mystery before visitors move through a compressive entry slot in the stone wall and emerge into the quarry. Here, across a bridge of massive stones, the building's sweeping roof forms, curved quarry-stone walls, and pairs of elliptical columns are fully revealed. Growing from the site, the building's 2-story, floor-to-ceiling glass walls blur the distinction between inside and outside – the quarry becomes an extension of the interior lobby space. Along the south, the golf course steps down the canyon, fading into a backdrop of lush vegetation and layered mountain views.

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