University of Arizona Education North

University of Arizona Education North


Tucson, Arizona

The College’s of Education and Humanities are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive program designed to create a more inclusive and equitable community and world. The remodel of the College’s North Building will support this mission by creating collaborative and exciting spaces, allowing users to connect with each other in unique ways.

The new entry experience will be welcoming and wayfinding clear and informative. A landscaped entry plaza with shaded gathering areas will enhance the connection to the existing Poetry Center to the north, creating a “mini-campus” between the two buildings. Guided by climate, light, and resource conservation, spaces will be energy efficient and comfortable. Materials, design elements, and landscaping will be expressed honestly, highlighting the efficiency and beauty of natural materials and native species.

The new entry sequence will provide intermediate thermal and visual zones where eyes and skin have a moment to adjust between the hot, bright exterior and the cool, day lit interior. These transition zones blur the distinction between the interior and exterior spaces, encouraging a collaborative environment.

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