Woven Through Time

Woven Through Time


Tucson, Arizona

The Woven Through Time Gallery is located within the Arizona State Museum on the University of Arizona campus and houses a collection of 200 Native American artifacts predominantly from the Southwest.

The design preserves a temporary gallery space which allows for flexibility of installing traveling exhibits, while the renovated exhibit space effectively communicates the storied history of basketry’s ancient roots. Upon entry from the lobby, visitors gain a dramatic line of site to the vault display, creating a powerful sense of arrival. A compressive, abstract woven ceiling entrance marks the beginning of the visitor’s path. The movement through the collection is an integrated flow between the past, present, and future of basketry. The woven steel conduit suspended from above creates a dynamic ceiling plane that echoes the weaves of a basket and ties the individual spaces within the gallery together. LED fixtures are located between the conduit ceiling to provide flexibility in lighting needed to properly view the displays while mitigating long term damage to the artifacts.

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