Tianqin Bay Corporate Retreats

Tianqin Bay Corporate Retreats


Tianqin Bay, China

Inspired by the surrounding context of exotic, natural landscapes and truly spectacular ocean views, the corporate retreats have been designed to seamlessly merge with the landscape. Organic shapes and natural materials anchor the retreats into steeply sloping hillsides, reinforcing a strong connection to nature.

Landscape defers to nature with surprises and delights rewarding those who venture out for gathering, exercise and pleasure. Windows connect to wonderful views from every space. The distinction between inside and outside is blurred to connect built space to nature. Always a foreground of natural stone and vegetation crowned with the dynamic ever-changing sea and sky bring daily pleasure.  

The corporate retreats are an unusual program. In addition to residential functions, the building serves as a retreat for entertainment and business. Facilities such as a reception area, large conference room, flexible seminar space, open gathering areas, social areas, and a banquet hall all orient towards the sea view and feature shaded floor to ceiling glass to draw the outdoors in.

Two full-featured residences, one for the owner and equal quarters for distinguished guests, are set atop the public functions and configured to frame pleasant vistas while blocking the harsh western sun and views of adjacent buildings. Within the residential areas, gardens follow pathways so that once again, the outside is brought inside as the owner moves between levels.

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