Slusser Memorial Library and Postal History Museum

Slusser Memorial Library and Postal History Museum


Tucson, Arizona

Located in an historic Tucson neighborhood and designed as an addition to the Western Philatelic Museum, the Slusser Memorial Library houses one of the most important collection of philatelic research materials in America.

Adjacent to but separate from the Museum's existing building, the Library provides a forum in which postal history is organized, preserved and provided, placing a premium on flexibility and maintaining special areas for users and collections. The expansion includes a circulation desk, work/storage area, card catalog, collections (stack/flat file), multi purpose reading/meeting, bathroom, technical services, vault and service spaces.

The Library's scale and material palette evokes a strong reference to its historical context; its construction places value on quality. Establishing a sense of unity with the surrounding neighborhood, and providing a low maintenance and cost-effective structure were important. Concrete block is clad with stucco to help the building blend into its residential context. Natural stone veneer for the angled entry wall evokes a strong reference to the historic use of this material, enticing patrons from the existing postal facility to the interior of the new Library. Openings and concrete projections provide an exciting visual dynamic, reinforcing the desired connection with the historical.

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