Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center Complex

Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center Complex


near Las Vegas, Nevada

Introducing 1,000,000 visitors a year to the wonders of Red Rock Canyon, the new LEED Gold Interpretive Facility for the US Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management differs from traditional visitor centers by emphasizing the specific attributes of Red Rock Canyon itself, in lieu of pseudo-natural imitations. Here, visitors receive an introduction to the relevant science, art and culture that will enhance their experience in Red Rock Canyon, strongly encouraging them to visit the beauty of the real thing nearby. Many resource-conserving ideas are incorporated into the Visitor Center, including photovoltaics and the first institutional use of transpired solar collectors, but by far the largest savings came from re-thinking the design program and relocating exhibits from air conditioned interior space to fully day lighted passive/active tempered microclimates.

The Visitor Center recently received an international award of architecture from the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design, and Urban Studies/Chicago Athenaeum.

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