Flowing Wells Library Addition

Flowing Wells Library Addition


This addition to the existing library provides a much needed expansion designed to accommodate the evolving needs of the surrounding community and associated growth in staff.

Opening north towards the Santa Catalina Mountains, the new space features stunning views through floor-to-ceiling glass that allows diffuse natural daylight to fill the collection and reading areas.  More than doubling the existing square footage, the addition includes individual areas for teens, children, and adults, group study rooms, and a multi-purpose room which can be opened to a shaded patio that is tempered with recycled building relief air to extend usability throughout the year. Interior glass partitions allow natural light to filter deep into the space, define the user group areas, and maintain visual connections between visitors and staff.

 At the exterior, concrete masonry laid in a stack bond pattern reinforces the horizontality of the site and bright yellow window boxes provide focused views to the surrounding landscape and bioswales.  A cantilevered concrete beam floats above the north facing glass and is designed to reflect light into the space while strengthening the Library’s presence along the street.

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