Dreamtown Club

Dreamtown Club


Chongqing, China

Strong currents of cultural influence are celebrated in the Dreamtown Club. The Art of Chinese Tea and the tradition of encouraging social interaction by building strong bonds over a meal are reinforced in the Clubhouse. In its first incarnation the building will function as a real estate sales office, a place for prospective buyers to get a glimmer of what the new neighborhood will be like. After a period of time the building will transform into a neighborhood meeting place, functioning primarily as a teahouse and restaurant.

In order to screen unwanted views and focus on desired vistas, Line and Space completed detailed site analysis and view angle studies. As a result of these studies, a view corridor was developed through the building.  Extending wall planes, a natural hillside, a large reflecting pool and a sheltering roof plane, seen through floor to ceiling glass, reinforce a view of a distant wooded canyon and connect the building to earth and sky.

The lower level features several private dining rooms. The varying layouts and views from each provide diners a different experience from each room. Private gardens unite with sloping hillsides and merge the building with landscape and reinforce a strong connection to nature. The theme of flowing water reinforces wayfinding and defines circulation.

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