Cascading Residences

Cascading Residences


Tianqin Bay, Shenzhen, China

A villa whose design is inspired by its surroundings, while at the same time meeting the myriad requirements of its occupants, is organic; it becomes part of its place in a natural way. Sky, sea, and mountain influence the architecture above Dapeng Bay. Landforms layered in the distance lighten in color until they blend with the sky. Geology transformed by wind and water from rugged peaks to the inviting curves seen from each site guide the design of the Cascading Villas.

Each Villa is integrated into the steep topography to reduce impact on the view for those who reside above, creating a pedestrian scale along the roads and foot paths that wind through the community. Rather than molding the land, our designs connect to the land through extension of supporting stone walls which meet existing grades. It is this sense of extension of structure which makes the villas grow from the land. Large expanses of glass protected from the sun by long overhangs and projecting stone walls provide each owner with wonderful views and a strong connection to nature.

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