C-Fu Fine Asian Restaurant

C-Fu Fine Asian Restaurant


Chandler, Arizona

Known for its specialty menu of fine seafood cuisine and dim sum, C-Fu Fine Asian Dining, was designed within the framework of an existing rental space and consists of a main dining room, sushi bar (with separate kitchen), outdoor patio, bar, cigar room, private dining rooms and restaurant support.

A strong Asian cultural influence exists throughout: Characterized by powerful spatial statements, unabashed use of color, sequences evoking tradition, mystery and surprise, and a highly developed sensitivity to the use of materials. Opposed to copying and the fake recreation of old details, notions of time and place became the basis for inspiration, creating a restful, harmonious environment in an inspirational and uplifting way.

Abstractions of traditional oriental lanterns provide a gentle wash of light amid sculptural divider walls. Graceful curvatures of partitions, millwork and fish tanks work together to lend a mysterious air of excitement and movement through the space. To provide a comfortable, usable space in the harsh desert environment, a large roof canopy shades the patio from the summer sun, creating a visual and thermal transition between the hot, bright exterior to the cooler, darker interior. Evaporative cooling is used at the exterior to create a comfortable, tempered microclimate.

The unique character and design of the restaurant creates an exciting atmosphere for patrons to enjoy fine Asian cuisine.

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